Friday, June 16, 2017

Garmin Virb 360: unboxing and first impressions

After a few delays, I finally got the Garmin Virb 360!  I've been really excited about this camera because of its many features.  In fact, I would say that it has the most features of any 360 camera I've encountered, bar none, not the least of which is its unique image stabilization that follows the user's direction of movement instead of being locked in one direction.

Tutorial: Stitching Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360 videos with Muvee Stitcher for Mac

The Xiaomi Mi Sphere has emerged as a dark horse 360 camera that has surprising photo AND video quality (it appears to have the best of both compared to consumer 360 cameras).  However, one issue is that it has limited compatibility with smartphones, requiring a Snapdragon 625 or better processor in order to export the full video resolution.  Xiaomi's app has limited iPhone exports to 2304 x 1152 -- less than half of the full resolution.

One solution to get the full resolution out of the Xiaomi is to use a third party software to stitch the videos, and Muvee Stitcher is probably the most affordable such software.   Ulf Brusquini shared this tutorial for stitching Xiaomi Mi Sphere videos in full resolution using Muvee Stitcher for Mac.

DIY 360 camera underwater housing with no refraction

Underwater housings for 360 cameras can be expensive and/or hard to find.  However, reader Kimmo Kiiveri shared this ultra low cost DIY underwater housing for 360 cameras, and his housing is immune from refraction.

First impressions of the Moza WK: the world's first wearable 360 gimbal

Here are hands-on impressions of the Moza WK, the world's first wearable 360 gimbal, and the most compact gimbal available for 360 cameras.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sample 360 photos from VRDL360 camera show excellent image quality

VRDL360 is a crowdfunded camera with 7K photo and 3K video resolution that looks like it's about to be fully funded.  It's still being offered at the shockingly low price of $99.   Meanwhile here are full resolution sample photos.

How to make the Guru 360 gimbal almost invisible: 360 video demo and tutorial

The Guru 360 is the most affordable gimbal for 360 cameras.  It also has one of the smallest nadirs and in some cameras, it can even become almost invisible.  Here's a demo and tutorial.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ricoh Theta news: 4K app update; 360 photos from Everest

Some news on the Ricoh Theta: the Theta apps for iOS have been updated to add support for 4K timelapse videos.  Ricoh also posted some spectacular 360 photos from Everest.

Garmin Virb 360 sample photo; availability update

Here is an update on the Garmin Virb 360's availability and a sample photo.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sample videos show Insta360 Pro's incredible low light performance!

Insta360 Pro, Insta360's 8K 360 camera, is being released soon.  Meanwhile, Insta360 has been posting more samples from Insta360 Pro, including some new low light samples that show the Insta360 Pro's incredible low light performance.

Adobe Premiere Pro 360 VR tutorial #2: how to guide the viewer by controlling heading and orientation

360 videos give the viewer total freedom to look around, but sometimes viewers can get "lost" and not know where to look.  In this tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro, we will learn to guide the viewer's attention by controlling the heading and orientation dynamically as the video plays.  This technique can also be used to fix "drifting" in Xiaomi Mi Sphere and other gyro-stabilized 360 cameras or even gimbals.

eBay Hands-Free Third Person View Mount / Harness - quick review and sample 360 video

I got an inexpensive third person view mount / harness from eBay for GoPro, action cameras, and 360 cameras.  Here's a sample 360 video from this mount.  UPDATE: found on Amazon a nearly identical mount.

How to avoid overheating in your 360 camera

Ben Claremont (Life in 360) shares this tip on how to avoid overheating on your 360 camera.  And no, you don't need to bring a fan. :) Here's the video:

Monday, June 12, 2017

Review and comparison: Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere has the highest photo and video quality among consumer 360 cameras

Here is a full review of the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera, which has become one of my favorite 360 cameras for its excellent image quality and incredible image stabilization.

Garmin Virb 360 sample user videos and photo

Here are some sample user videos from the Garmin Virb 360, and a sample photo.

VRDL360 is now live on Indiegogo for $99

VRDL360 is now live on Indiegogo.  The early bird price is $99, with delivery promised for September 2017.

VR announcements at E3 day 1: Fallout VR and Doom VR, Oculus Rift bundle

At E3, they (finally) announced Fallout VR and Doom VR, both due later this year!  Oculus also announced a new bundle that can save you $100.

Sunday, June 11, 2017