Saturday, February 25, 2017

TECHNIQUE: If GoPros are good for action videos, 360 cameras are even better

A GoPro or similar action camera is great for action videos, but a 360 camera is even better.  Here's why.

Insta360 Pro posts new samples

Insta360 posted new samples from the Insta360 Pro, its new 360 camera with 8k 360, 6k 3D 360, and 4k realtime stitching and livestreaming.

Friday, February 24, 2017

DEALS: Samsung Gear 360 for only $189.99! Deal ends today 2/24

Samsung Gear 360 (reviewed here) is a fully spherical 4k 360 camera.  It initially sold for $349 (and was even sold for $399 when it was first released in 2016) but new you can get it for $189.99!

Review: EEEKit monopod and accessory kit for popular 360 cameras

EEEKit is a monopod and accessory kit designed for 360 cameras. 

Could this product protect your 360 camera lenses and possibly even fix scratches?

ProtectPax is a Kickstarter project for a liquid screen protector, and seems like it MIGHT protect 360 camera lenses as well.  It might even fix scratches on lenses.

TECHNIQUE: apply horizon correction to Insta360 Nano photos and videos using the Insta360 Air app

The horizon correction feature in the Insta360 Air app can be used to fix Insta360 Nano photos and videos as well.

X720 is a low cost fully spherical 2k camera

X720 is a low-cost fully spherical camera with 2k video.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Demo of Insta360 Air 360 live streaming to YouTube

Watch a demo of Insta360 Air's wireless livestreaming capability and see a live stream sample!

Demo of the JJ-1, a $100 stabilized gimbal for smartphones and Insta360 Air

JJ-1 is a 2-axis handheld gimbal for smartphones that can also be used with the Insta360 Air, and it costs only $100.  But how does it perform?  Check out my demo video!

Fast-growing 360 camera blog hits 1 million views before its first anniversary!

So I just wanted to say thanks to all of you because last week we hit 1 million views in less than a year!  Here are some of my plans for 360 Rumors.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

PSA: Insta360 Air app updated to 1.0.3 - but please stick with 1.0.1

Insta360 updated their app to 1.0.3 to fix the bugs in 1.0.2, but in my case, it was even worse.

Huawei is launching Honor VR, a 360 camera for its phone developed with Insta360

Huawei has a new 360 camera accessory for its smartphones.  If it looks similar to the Insta360 Air, that's because it was developed in partnership with Insta360!

"First Lok" at Staro 136-megapixel 360 camera

The Staro is a 136-megapixel (preview here; samples here).  Lok Cheung, who used to work together with Kai Wong for DigitalRev and is now at Photogear News, checked out the Staro.  Here's the video:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

CammPro 1501 is a water resistant 3k 360 camera

CammPro 1501 is a fully spherical 3k 360 camera with water resistance.

Pocket Toddy is a lens cleaning cloth that hangs from your keychain

360 camera lenses are often hard to keep clean because they don't have a lens hood.  Pocket Toddy is a microfiber lens cleaning cloth that hangs from your keychain.

PSA: Do not update Insta360 Air to version 1.0.2; how to roll it back if you did

If you have (or will have) the Insta360 Air app, do not update it to version 1.0.2.  If you already did it, here's how to roll it back.

Joy of flying captured in this cinematic 360 video

Check out this beautiful 360 video about a young man in pursuit of his dreams of flying!