Saturday, January 7, 2017

CES 2017: Kodak Orbit360 4k Stitching Test

One of the 360 cameras I was most excited about at CES 2017 was the Orbit360 4k, Kodak PIXPRO's successor to the SP360 4k Dual Pro.  Here's a video showing the realtime stitching quality:

CES 2017: HEX, a 360 camera designed for content creators, by content creators

One of the most intriguing 360 cameras I saw at CES 2017 was HEX, a new prosumer 360 camera from UK-based studio VISR VR.

CES 2017: Eyesir S, a 4k 360 camera, and Wink, a 360 camera for Android

Perfant, makers of Eyesir and Eyesir Mini, added a couple of new 360 cameras to its lineup: the Eyesir S, a 4k 360 camera and Wink, a 360 camera for Android phones.

Friday, January 6, 2017

CES 2017: hands-on with the Ricoh R livestreaming 360 camera

At CES 2017, Ricoh demonstrated their recently-announced Ricoh R livestreaming camera.  Here are my hands-on impressions.

CES 2017: Nolo adds roomscale VR to mobile VR headsets at an unbelievable price; hands-on test

Nolo can add roomscale VR with motion controllers to any mobile VR headset, and it is also incredibly affordable.

CES 2017: Samples from the Insta360 Pro

At CES 2017, Insta360 announced the Insta360 Pro, a professional 3D 360 camera.  Insta360 has now provided samples from the Insta360 Pro.

CES 2017: Staro is a 136-megapixel 360 camera

Staro is a 360 camera with seventeen lenses and it has a photo resolution of 136 megapixels (a little more than 16k x 8k), which is the highest resolution 360 photo from an all-in-one camera, edging out the Panono (108 mp) and the Aleta S2 (118 mp).

Thursday, January 5, 2017

CES 2017: Insta360 Pro is a 3D 360 camera with 8k resolution

At CES 2017, Insta360 announced the Insta360 Pro, a 3D 360 camera with 8k resolution and realtime stitching.

DEALS: Pre-order the Kodak Orbit360 4k (4kVR360) and get a promo code!

The Kodak Orbit360 4k (formerly called the 4kVR360) is now available for pre-order, and you can get a promo code!

UPDATE:  Kodak now stopped taking actual orders, and instead will just take preorders.  If you sign up on their page, they will email you a promo code that will give you a discount.

CES 2017: Intel shows a true VR video where users were able to walk around

Intel demonstrated a true virtual reality video in which viewers can walk around to explore.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

CES 2017: new accessories and peripherals for the HTC Vive

HTC showed several interesting new accessories and peripherals for the HTC Vive.

CES 2017: ZTE confirms Axon 7 compatibility with Google Daydream

The ZTE press conference announced two new phones and confirmed the Axon 7's compatibility with Google Daydream.

CES 2017: Samsung press conference

Samsung's press conference focused primarily on their TV and home products. However, there were a few VR-related announcements.

CES 2017: Asus Zenfone AR is the first smartphone for both Google Daydream and Google Tango

Asus Zenfone AR is the first smartphone with support for both VR with Google Daydream and AR with Google Tango.

Unfortunately, the Zenfone AR does not combine its AR and VR functions to provide positional tracking in the same way as VR headsets with inside-out tracking such as the Occipital Bridge.  Instead it can switch to either Google Daydream or Google Tango to provide VR (with rotational tracking) or AR as needed.

The Zenfone AR uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor rather than the newly-announced Snapdragon 835 which was designed for cutting-edge VR and AR features.

The Zenfone AR is schedule for release in Q2 of 2017.  Pricing has not yet been announced.

CES 2017: Ricoh R is a new 360 camera with nonstop 360 livestreaming.

Ricoh announced a new 360-degree camera called the Ricoh R.  It bears some resemblance to the popular Ricoh Theta but has a different purpose.

The Ricoh R has 2k video @ 30fps and can livestream in 360 continuously for 24 hours.  Videos are stitched in-camera, unlike the Theta, which requires videos to be stitched on a phone or desktop.  Earlier reports said the video was 2k but I saw it at CES 2017 and they said the video is the same 1920 x 960 resolution.

The Ricoh R has no internal battery and requires an AC adapter.  This suggests that the Ricoh R is not intended as a consumer camera but as a camera for industrial use such as for security / surveillance, or for livestreaming special events.

Thank you to Pepe Vasquez for bringing this to my attention!

CES 2017: Panodome 360 is a 360-degree video conferencing camera

Opcom Panodome 360 is a 360-degree video conferencing camera.

CES 2017: 360 and VR news from LG's press conference

LG's press conference focused on advances in its TV technology, including its new 2.57mm-thin "W" OLED TV, and innovations for home and auto, such as its Hub robot assistant that can control connected appliances such as a vacuum cleaner.

For 360 and VR, LG announced that its premium TVs with WebOS 3.5 will have built-in 360-degree VR viewing capabilities.  You will be able to view both 360 photos as well as 360 videos from your TV, and you will be able to change the view using the remote control.  I don't know yet if they have a demo of this new feature available on the show floor, but I will check out their booth.

I will also inquire about whether they have any follow-up products for the LG 360 Cam or their 360 VR headset.  LG is also a Google Daydream partner, and I will inquire about their Daydream products.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

CES 2017: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 promises to bring AR and full VR to your smartphone

Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 835 mobile processor has many features such as a better battery life, and better support for dual camera phones.  However, its most impressive feature is its support for VR and AR.

360 Pro is a slim, low-cost fully spherical 360 camera

There's a new low-cost spherical camera on the market called "360 Pro".

Bridge: a VR headset for the iPhone with roomscale positional tracking

Occpital Bridge is a mobile VR headset for the iPhone with untethered roomscale positional tracking.

Nikon Keymission 360 changes a photographer's perspective

Josselin Cournou is a Sydney-based photographer who tried shooting with the Nikon Keymission 360.  Here is a short article on My Nikon Life on the impact of 360 photography on Josselin.

Thank you very much to  Jim Jensen (moderator of the Photo Sphere Community) for bringing this story to my attention!

Z Cam S1 unboxing and first impressions

The Z Cam S1 is a professional 360 camera with up to 6k resolution.  They concluded their crowdfunding campaign in November with delivery promised for December.  Z Cam fulfilled that promise, shipping units to users around the world in December.

Here is an unboxing and first impression by Kevin Kunze!

Vuze 3D 360 Camera update

Vuze is the first affordable 3D 360 camera for consumers.  I will be checking it out at their CES booth (hopefully with an actual demo).  I will also inquire about whether they're on schedule for their  February release.  If there is anything else you'd like to ask about, pls. let me know in the comments so I can ask them for you!

In the meantime, here is a new product video.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Pimax is the first VR headset with 8k resolution

At CES 2017, Pimax will be revealing the world's first VR headset with 8k resolution.

Lenovo Windows Holographic VR headset previewed by the Verge

The Verge got an exclusive preview of Lenovo's VR headset for the Windows Holographic system.

Here are the highlights:
- Resolution will be 1440 x 1440 per eye, higher than the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift (1200 x 1080 per eye), and a little higher than the Gear VR (1440 x 1280 per eye).
- Weight will be around 350 grams, lighter than either the HTC Vive (555 grams) or Oculus Rift (470 grams)
- The visor is suspended in front of your eyes (like the Playstation VR instead of being pressed into your face with a strap).
- Shipping later this year for $300 to $400.

Check out the article from the Verge.  Lenovo will be at CES 2017, and I will try to get a demo.

6 reasons you need a 360 camera for your vacation

If you're going on a vacation, you really need to take a 360 camera with you.  Here are 6 reasons why.

DEALS: Final day for Oculus Winter Sale (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR)

Today is the last day for the Oculus Store Winter Sale which has huge discounts on many games for Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive (via Revive).  Here are the ones I've tried.

LG 360 Cam update adds 360 audio

LG 360 Cam, one of the most affordable fully spherical 360 cameras, received an update to its app that added several new features including 360 audio.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

DEALS: Superhot VR and Technolust (Oculus Rift; HTC Vive)

The Oculus Store has a big discount on two games (both work not only on the Oculus Rift but also on the HTC Vive via Revive).

Happy New Year! Thank you very much!

At the beginning of this new year, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all readers of 360 Rumors.