Saturday, November 5, 2016

Friday, November 4, 2016

Insta360 Nano Mount tripod adapter now available on Amazon for $30

     ​The tripod adapter for the Insta360 Nano is now available on Amazon for $30 with free Prime shipping!  The adapter had previously been available but only at exhorbitant prices (over $70) and slow shipment times.

     The tripod adapter is a very useful accessory for the Insta360 Nano (reviewed here) with high quality all-metal construction.  It allows the Nano to be mounted securely not only on a tripod but also on several action mounts to be available soon.  Check out my review of the tripod adapter here.

     Insta360 Nano is a fully spherical 360 camera for the iPhone that is affordable and easy to use, and features 3k video (3040 x 1520 @ 30fps) as well as best-in-class wireless livestreaming.

Nikon Keymission 360 In-Depth Review

     In this post, I will discuss my preliminary review of the Nikon Keymission 360 after having used it for a week, based on my experience with having owned several other 360 cameras, and having shot with 360 cameras almost exclusively for the past 18 months.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Photosphere Xmp Tagger is a mobile app that can add 360 metadata to your 360 photos

Many 360 viewers such as Google Street View and Facebook need 360 photosphere metadata in order to recognize 360 photos as such instead of a conventional panorama.  However, sometimes, the 360 metadata in a 360 photo can be erased during image editing, or some cameras don't include the right metadata.

Photosphere XMP Tagger is an app for Android that will add 360 Photosphere metadata XMP tag to your fully spherical equirectangular format 360-degree JPG images.

After installing the app, you need to click on Share from your gallery app then select "Add Tag" to add the 360 metadata.

Thanks to Jim Jensen for this awesome tip (BTW, Jim is the moderator of the awesome Photo Sphere Community, an awesome and knowledge-filled group for anyone interested in 360 photos)!

Facebook posts detailed instructions for uploading 360 photos
Easy to use tool for adding 360 metadata in Photoshop
Add or fix 360 metadata with Exif Fixer

FOVE, the first eye-tracking VR headset, is available for preorder

FOVE is a VR headset with eye-tracking capability, and it is now available for preorder, for shipment estimated in January 2017.

TECHNIQUE: Introduction to 360 photography: 360 photo workflow and 12 ways to use 360 photos

The Nikon Keymission 360 is one of the recently-released 360 cameras.
360-degree cameras are still uncommon, and for most people shooting with it will be unfamiliar territory.  Moreover, some of the techniques for traditional photography, such as the rule of thirds, have no application to 360 photography.

This post is a quick intro to shooting with a 360 camera.  In the first part, I'll discuss my workflow for editing and posting 360 photos.  In the second part, I'll post 12 ways to use 360 photos, to give you ideas for shooting with your 360 camera.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Oculus Rift news: Oculus Sensor now available for purchase; Dead and Buried will be free for Oculus Touch; Oculus Rift review and comparison

Here are a trio of Oculus Rift-related news for you:

ORBI Prime: sunglasses that can record 360 video

​Orbi Prime is a pair of sunglasses with four built-in cameras that can record 360 video.

Vuze 3D 360 camera shipping delayed for additional tests

     Vuze Camera is the first affordable 3D 360 camera with 4k resolution.  It was originally scheduled for release in October, but that has been pushed back to the end of the year.  But there's a silver lining.

Playstation VR back in stock at Amazon!

360 Photo Quality Comparison: Nikon Keymission 360 vs. Ricoh Theta S vs. Samsung Gear 360 vs. Insta360 Nano vs. LG 360 Cam

Yesterday, I posted a 5-way video quality comparison between the new Nikon Keymission 360 camera and other 360 cameras: the Samsung Gear 360, Insta360 Nano, LG 360 Cam and Ricoh Theta S.  Now here are sample photos from these cameras.

6k 360 camera Z Cam S1 ready for production

Z Cam S1 is a fully spherical 360 camera with very high image quality, and with a video resolution up to 6k at 30fps (or 4k at 60 fps).  It is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo.

Z Cam announced that with 18 days left in their campaign, and with around $35,000 raised from their $50,000 goal, they are ready for pre-production unit assembly.  This might mean that Z Cam intends to go into production even if they don't meet their crowdfunding goal.  I'm going to check with Z Cam.

In the meantime, here is the official announcement of the pre-production assembly.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Ricoh Theta adds 3D falling leaves effect

Photo by @antonyagostini
In celebration of autumn, you can now add a 3D falling leaves effect to your Ricoh Theta 360 photos, where red maple leaves fall in 3D.  To add the effect, upload your shot to then add the hashtag #momiji3d.  Here is how it looks like.

The falling leaves effect is the latest among other 3D effects that were added to the Ricoh Theta:
- cherry blossom petals (#sakura3d)
- fireflies (#firefly3d)
- rain (#raid3d)
- butterflies (#butterfly3d)
- UFOs (#ufo3d)

Best of 7: the Nikon Keymission 360 has the best video quality among seven 360 cameras I've owned

Left to right: LG 360 Cam, Nikon Keymission 360, Insta360 Nano, Samsung Gear 360, Ricoh Theta S
The Nikon Keymission 360 is my seventh fully spherical 360 camera, and despite its many problems, it has the best video quality thus far.  You don't have to take my word for it.  Check out my test videos.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nikon Keymission 360 video tutorial on connecting / pairing with an Android phone

Yesterday, I did a video tutorial for connecting the Nikon Keymission 360 with an iPhone.  Now here is a video tutorial on connecting it with an Android phone (here, I used a Samsung Galaxy S6).

Here are detailed step-by-step instructions for both an iPhone and Android phone.

New sample videos from Nikon
Free accessory pack with preorders

Nikon Keymission 360 sample videos from actual usage at a party

My Nikon Keymission 360 arrived Friday night and yesterday, I tested it at my daughter's birthday. I'm still working on the review, but I wanted to share some videos from the party, which was at an aerial arts studio.